About ep3

The following is a group of resources ep3, inc. utilizes in the day-to-day business of providing consulting environmental services to our clients. For your benefit, we have included several of the environmental regulatory rules that govern many of the projects we complete for our clients.  If you need a resource and don't see it below, let us know. We'll get it for you!

Florida DEP Chapter 62-777 Contaminant Cleanup Target Levels

The Florida Administrative Code (FAC) Chapter 62-777 Rule contains the cleanup standards for soil and water.  Any cleanup activity undertaken under state or local regulatory jurisdiction will use this rule to determine compliance and to set the goals for determining cleanup completion.

Florida DEP Chapter 62-780 Contaminated Site Cleanup Criteria

This rule governs the assessment and cleanup of any soil or groundwater contamination or discharge not covered under the Chapter 62-770 Tanks Rule.