Large Mixed-Use Development

The Baldwin Park mixed-use development was considered the largest and most ambitious redevelopment project in the state of Florida. This award-winning community was built on the site of the former 1,100-acre Orlando Naval Training Center facility, located east of downtown Orlando.


The project commenced with the demolition of hundreds of buildings, miles of roadways and underground utilities, and the removal of arsenic-contaminated soils from the former Navy base golf course.

Large Mixed-Use Development - Before

David Twedell from ep3, inc. was the project manager for a multitude of environmental projects for the site developer. Mr. Twedell supervised environmental projects not only for the developer, but also for the U.S. Navy, the City of Orlando, and Orange County Public Schools. He also provided consulting services to a majority of the builders purchasing property within the community. The types of environmental services managed by Mr. Twedell included:

  • Soil and Groundwater Quality Assessments
  • Remediation of Soil Contamination
  • Assessment and Remediation of Groundwater Contamination
  • Tank Closure Assessments
  • Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Landfill Excavation and Removal
Large Mixed-Use Development - After

Redevelopment of Former Citrus Land

A Phase I/Phase II Environmental Site Assessment on this 300-acre property resulted in the discovery of petroleum contamination and the need for site remediation prior to development as a residential community in west Orange County, Florida.



This site was historically occupied with a citrus grove. Environmental services provided by ep3, inc. personnel included removal of a petroleum underground storage tank, contaminated soil remediation through excavation with offsite disposal and onsite landfarming, and groundwater quality monitoring.

Redevelopment of Former Citrus Land - Before

Excavation of petroleum contaminated soil resulted in a significant reduction in groundwater contaminant concentrations in the source area. Onsite landfarming of moderately impacted soils reduced contaminant levels so that the soil could be used as onsite backfill material. This saved the client a significant amount of money in disposal costs. The site is currently under development as a residential subdivision.

Redevelopment of Former Citrus Land - After