Industrial Site Restoration

Site contamination assessment and restoration activities were completed to prepare this waterfront property located in northeast Florida. The site is planned for the future development of residential town homes.


This property was formerly occupied by a marine industry manufacturer and supply company. Historic marine net dipping operations conducted on the site resulted in an area of soil and groundwater contamination. All identified contaminated soils were excavated by ep3, inc. and transported off-site for proper disposal at an FDEP permitted facility. 

Industrial Site Restoration - Before

Source removal activities were successful in removing contaminated soil from the site and reducing the groundwater contaminant concentrations to below the applicable target cleanup levels. Post remediation groundwater monitoring was conducted to ensure that the dissolved contaminant concentrations remained below the target levels. The site restoration strategy resulted in the issuance of a Site Rehabilitation Completion Order (SRCO) by the FDEP. Site development may now proceed on this parcel of prime real estate.

Industrial Site Restoration - After